Diversity and Inclusion

Our Vision for Diversity and Inclusion

At PetSmart, we value our associates’ diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas because it makes us a stronger company. Diversity and inclusion enable us to solve problems, generate new ideas and enhance our brand. They help us execute effectively and allow us to deliver results that drive shareholder value. When we embrace and appreciate a wide range of people and perspectives, we create an environment where associates can do their best work, partners enjoy engaging with us and pet parents have an unmatched customer experience.

Delivering the Vision

We deliver our vision by developing in three key areas – talent, culture and community. These areas are our pillars of diversity and inclusion efforts and guide what we do to make our good company great.

Talent At PetSmart, we utilize sourcing to ensure diverse candidate pools. We want the best and brightest associates, and we know the only way to get that is ensuring that our associates have a wide range of experience and skill.

Culture Our focus on creating a diverse and inclusive culture incorporates some key factors. We use accountability in implementing tools and measures to ensure that leaders and associates are helping to create a diverse and inclusive culture. Our associates are given the opportunities, information and resources to develop their careers. In addition, we frequently review our policies, practices and rewards to ensure consistency and fairness. At PetSmart, our goal is to communicate with transparency as we grow our culture.

Community We are a caring company involved and immersed into the communities where we live and work. Our vision is to engage and support diverse organizations through community outreach. We also are focused on inspiring our business partners to share and embrace our vision of diversity and inclusion. Another goal we are focused on is reflecting diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Journey

PetSmart is new to the journey of diversity and inclusion. We know this type of culture is good for people and pets. It’s also good for business and that’s why we have a strategy for diversity and inclusion and a team of dedicated associates committed to growing our efforts in this area. As we travel down this path, our focus is phased into three steps for building a diverse and inclusive organization – laying the foundation, integrating with the business and sustaining our culture. We want to raise awareness and get people excited about all the differences we have among one another.

To support us in delivering our vision and strategy for diversity and inclusion, we’ve created three fun and engaging associate resource groups –Pride at Work, StartSmart and The Women’s Forum. Pride at Work is dedicated to providing a more equitable and safe work environment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) associates at PetSmart. StartSmart is focused on developing and supporting young professionals at PetSmart. The Women’s Forum is devoted to advancing women’s career growth and opportunities at PetSmart, through leadership-focused education and networking.