PetSmart Dispute Resolution Policy

Pending Representative Actions & PAGA Actions As of June 15, 2020

If you are a Covered Individual under PetSmart’s Dispute Resolution Policy (“DRP”), you may be a proposed class or collective member or aggrieved employee who could be covered by the proposed class, collective, representative, and/or California Labor Code Private Attorney General Act (“PAGA”) actions identified below, which are presently pending: *Click on hyperlink of Case Name for PDF copy of operative Complaint.
Kristina Clark v. PetSmart LLC U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California (originally filed in Contra County Superior Court) 3:20-cv-03097 (originally Case Number C19‑00954) 05-15-2019 (removed to federal court on 05-05-2020) CA non-exempt employees—alleged meal and rest break, unpaid wages, inaccurate wage statements, and unfair business practices violations
Michelle Davis; Kelsey Nelson-Stark; Marie Riley v. PetSmart LLC Contra Costa County Superior Court (California) MSC19‑00662 03‑29‑2019 CA non-exempt employees—PAGA penalties for alleged suitable seating violations
If you do not timely and properly opt-out of being covered by the DRP (as specified in the DRP), your rights related to your ability to participate in and/or benefit from the outcome of any of the foregoing actions likely will be barred under the terms of the DRP.  The identity and contact information for the proposed attorneys for the employees in each of the foregoing actions can be found by clicking on the hyperlink of the Case Name and viewing the operative Complaint on file in the action.