PetsHotel Staff Saves Life of Doggie Day Camp Regular

Four-year-old golden retriever Brady is a staff favorite at the Kentwood, MI PetsHotel, visiting often to play with friends at Doggie Day Camp and attend themed playdates. He is known among the associates as a mischievous ladies’ man who always has a smile on his face.

That’s why staff immediately noticed when Brady wasn’t acting like his usual self during a stay in the PetsHotel. He didn’t sleep through the night, had multiple accidents and his stomach was hard as a rock. PetsHotel Leader Dawnn immediately became concerned Brady was showing signs of Gastric Dilatation with Volvulus (GDV), otherwise known as a twisted stomach or “Bloat”.

According to PetSmart veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Freeman, “GDV is a very serious and often life-threatening condition that can rapidly lead to death if not recognized early and treated quickly. Immediate veterinary care and surgery are needed to correct the bloated and twisted stomach. This condition occurs rapidly and with little warning, most often in large-breed and deep-chested dogs. The associates in the PetsHotel are trained to recognize critical signs of stress in the pets in their care, and these associates should be absolutely hailed as heroes as their quick recognition of the signs of GDV.”

Brady’s owner Megan was more than an hour away from the store when Dawnn notified her of Brady’s condition. Given the severity of his symptoms and with Megan’s permission, Dawnn and Store Leader, Tonya, drove Brady to an emergency veterinary hospital where they waited with him until Megan arrived. After taking X-rays, it was confirmed Brady had GDV and he was taken into emergency surgery. In fact, Brady’s veterinarian said that if the PetSmart staff had waited any longer to bring him in, he may not have made it.

Now, almost one year after his successful surgery, Brady is a happy, healthy dog who continues to attend Doggie Day Camp and enjoy spa days in the PetSmart Grooming Salon. “PetSmart Kentwood always does a great job taking care of my fur baby, but this time they went above and beyond and helped save his life,” Megan said. “I truly believe if it weren’t for the staff, Brady would not be here today.”
Dawnn commends her team for the quick action they took to save Brady, and says she is privileged to lead a group of people who treat pets and their parents like family. Tonya also expressed her pride in the Kentwood team, stating, “They recognized Brady was showing a critical sign of stress and jumped into action! It’s an amazing feeling to know we saved his life.”

To follow along Brady’s latest adventures, visit him on Instagram at @thegoldenbrady.