PetSmart Associate Acts Quickly to Save a Pet’s Life

Daryl, a five-year-old Basenji, has been a regular guest at the Oswego, Illinois PetsHotel for nearly five years. He and his pet parent, Ken, are like family to the PetSmart PetsHotel associates.

Daryl, who also spends time at Doggie Day Camp, enjoys playing with fellow campers and working out his energy. Ken says he likes knowing Daryl is safe when he is traveling.
“I don’t know what I’d do without PetSmart’s help,” said Ken. “They have helped raise him.”

One day at camp, associates Cindy and Courtney noticed that Daryl was not acting like himself. They decided to take him to the on-site veterinarian. Daryl was diagnosed with a kidney stone and rushed to the emergency veterinarian for surgery.

Thanks to the quick actions of these PetSmart associates, Daryl was back at camp two weeks later, happy and healthy. Tail wagging, he greeted his Doggie Day Camp friends and the PetsHotel team. Dr. Knight, the Banfield Pet Hospital veterinarian who first treated Daryl, praised the PetsHotel staff for saving Daryl’s life. To express his appreciation, Ken treated the team to a pizza party. The Oswego associates are thrilled to have Daryl back at Doggie Day Camp.