PetSmart Stylists Help Save Neglected Dogs

Life hadn’t been easy for two poodles in Texas named Sunny and Pierre. Sunny was found abandoned in an apartment in Fort Worth, where he had lived without food or care of any kind for at least three weeks. According to The Dodo, his severely matted, bug-infested coat suggested a life of neglect that began long before he was abandoned.

Pierre had been turned over to the Humane Society of North Texas in desperate shape; he arrived at the Humane Society weighed down by five pounds of painful, matted dreadlocks.
Local PetSmart Pet Stylists, along with District Area Trainers, offered their grooming services free of charge to the Humane Society of North Texas to help Sunny and Pierre. Cassie Lackey, Director of Communications for the HSNT, recalls the delicate process of grooming these severely neglected dogs.

“It took hours due to the complications of the severe matting and its effects on the skin,” she says. “Both pooches looked incredible after their spa day at PetSmart!”
Once groomed and fully healed, the next step for these resilient pups was to find forever homes. According to Lackey, interest in Sunny and Pierre was elevated by the press coverage both received.

“The press absolutely contributed to their adoptions,” she explains. “We were able to have them both go into foster care after their grooming, to socialize and learn how to be a pet. Once they were evaluated and approved for adoption, they never re-entered the shelter. We were able to take applications online and find a perfect home for each dog.”

Sunny found his with adoptive parent Christine Cook. Today he goes by the name of Jack and is thriving.

“When I first adopted him, he and I immediately connected and I could tell that he was comfortable, safe and happy,” Cook says. “Despite the trauma that he had been through, he never lost his love for life.”

“Jack has a beautiful ability to bring peace and happiness to everyone who spends time with him,” she continues “He loves to cuddle, enjoys being brushed and groomed, and is happiest when he is around the people he loves. Jack has been one of the biggest blessings in my life, and I am amazed everyday by his true affection, gentle and caring nature.”

It didn’t take long for Pierre to find his forever home either, as a local family stepped up to provide the home he deserved.

As an avid animal welfare advocate, Lackey says she is grateful for the PetSmart associates who donate their time to help adoptable pets.

“We have an incredible partnership with PetSmart groomers,” says Lackey. “They are able to take our most severe neglect cases and help us transform them. We are very fortunate PetSmart cares so much about community pets!”