PetSmart Launches Spooky New Costume Collection and Offers Tips for a Wicked Fun Halloween

From Scary or Cute to Iconic or Classic, PetSmart’s Latest Line of Halloween Costumes Offers Looks for Pets Big and Small

PHOENIXSept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PetSmart’s newest Halloween collection gives pets of all sizes and personalities the chance to join in on the celebration with trendy costumes, toys and treats for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish and even reptiles. Whether heading to a party, celebrating on social media or greeting trick-or-treaters at home, the collection gives all pet parents the chance to bring their pet in on the fun. And for those dressing up their pet, PetSmart has some tips on how to find the perfect costume fit.

Pets looking to instill a little fear in their foes might opt for the Scary ClownDracula or Frankenstein costumes. Even bearded dragons can become tiny terrors for the night in a Skeleton costume or by joining a Biker squad.

For a cute and classic Halloween look, PetSmart offers the chance to transform into a CowboyBumblebee or even a BananaGuinea pig buddies and other small pets can go as Ketchup and Mustard or fly solo in a Unicorn costume.

Movie buffs will love this year’s Darth VaderJedi and Princess Leia looks, or the more classic Dory and Nemo costumes. For comic book fans, pets can dress up as The FlashDeadpool or even Wonder Woman. Those more inspired by modern heroes can pay homage in a Nurse outfit or Fireman costume.

PetSmart is also offering an array of fun treats and toys for pets that prefer to celebrate without a costume. Pet parents can spoil their pets with the new Witch Fingers Dog Treats and the Halloween Boo Cookies, or grab some fun toys like the Thrills & Chills Pumpkin Flattie toy or the Halloween Party Ball Cat Toy. Pet parents can also take part by decorating aquariums with a Pumpkin Trio or Davey Jones Locker ornament to bring their fish in on the festivities.

Regardless of the pet being dressed up, PetSmart’s resident veterinarian, Jennifer Freeman, DVM, has some tips on how to ensure your pet is comfortable in their costume and able to celebrate stress-free.

Stress-Free Halloween Costume Tips for Pets

  • Take baby steps. Start with trying on a simple accessory, like a bandana. If your pet allows this and walks around with it for a few minutes, reward him with a treat and praise. Not all pets like wearing clothes and some may become stressed or agitated while wearing a costume this Halloween. However, many pets just need a little coaxing and positive reinforcement.
  • Ensure the costume is safe. Once you’re able to dress your pet in a costume, it’s important that it not limit movement allowing your pet to walk, bark, meow and see without difficulty. Also make sure there aren’t any accessories attached that are easy to chew and/or swallow.
  • Consider the weather. Pets can overheat easily, so ensure their clothing is not too bulky or heavy if the weather is warm. Watch for elastic features around the paw area and be certain there is enough room around the widest area of the chest. If a pet can easily trip over the legs, try another type of clothing.
  • Reward with something tasty. After you put the apparel or costume on your pet, reward him with one of his favorite treats so he associates the costume with getting a snack.
  • Keep an eye on body language. Pets do an excellent job communicating through body language and letting you know if they’re uncomfortable. Pay extra attention to your pet if attending parties or events with other pets as it can be difficult to notice if they’re wearing a costume.

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